Clean technology company making its mark on East Delavan site

Dec 13, 2019

A company called Viridi Parente or Green Machine is another part of Jon Williams' Ontario Specialty Contracting. It's clean technology stands in contrast to the internal combustion vehicles built by Chevrolet at Buffalo's East Delavan industrial site a century ago.

The Green Machine excavator
Credit Courtesy of Varidi Parente

Williams reflected on how operations have evolved at the site.

"We go from a system that really had thousands of moving parts and all kinds of mechanical connections that resulted in energy loss to a pack, an electrical connection and an electric motor that connects into that mechanical function," Williams said.

"It dramatically simplifies the system."

The company has been successful enough to draw the interest of Tom Golisano. The former owner of the Buffalo Sabres and founder of Paychex is investing $20 million into the company.  He will also join its board of directors.

Williams says the Green Machine excavator is fitting a specific niche.

"There are places where it's better suited and places where it's not. For any construction equipment that's below 20,000 pounds, that operates in an urban center, a campus environment, research facility, a neighborhood, electric options are very viable."

According to Williams, the company has shipped to 15 states, Canada and the Netherlands.  They currently employ 30 people.