Cleaning products manufacturer expanding onto former Bethlehem Steel site

Jul 8, 2019

A local manufacturer has signed a letter of intent to purchase 28 acres of property at the former Bethlehem Steel site to build a new facility.

TMP Technologies plans to move its operations to Lackawanna from its current location on Dingens Street. TMP makes cleaning products for a Fortune 500 company. The move will allow the company to double the size of its packaging facility.

The move of TMP Technologies to a portion of the former Bethlehem Steel site is part of an effort to redevelop the land into a business park.
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The company plans to construct a 280,000 square-foot facility at the site, an expansion that will add around 30 new jobs to its nearly 100-employee workforce. TMP is purchasing the land for just over $1 million. Officials say the new facility will result in an over $20 million investment in the Erie County’s economy.

“TMP has continued to grow the past few years to the point that we have run out of manufacturing space.  We have also pushed our storage to outside warehouses where we are now into four different locations. We have looked for existing good industrial space but could not find anything that would satisfy our needs. The ILDC showed us the former Bethlehem steel site and explained their plans to start to recover this land for an industrial park. We were excited with their plans and are proud to be an early partner in this recovery effort,” said TMP President Bob Laughlin, in a statement.

The sale still needs approval by the Buffalo and Erie County Industrial Land Development Corporation. A vote is expected in late summer or early fall. If approved, TMP plans to begin construction shortly thereafter.