Coalition calls for change in Buffalo's top-down redevelopment

Mar 28, 2019

From gentrification to the city's underfunded schools, the second annual "State of OUR CITY" event addressed a number of issues impacting Buffalo. According to Harper Bishop, the 200 people attendingĀ  Wednesday's session at Asbury Hall shared a similar message: they "no longer want developers and power elites to run their city."

Bishop says the gathering included an array of city residents from senior citizens to youth leaders. They maintain Buffalo's current direction is leaving many citizens behind. While all elected officials and candidates running for city offices were invited, only Niagara District Council Member David Rivera attended.

The coalition, Bishops says, remains committed to moving forward.

"There's going to be a rally this (3:30) afternoon in Niagara Square to bring the OUR CITY policy platform to elected leaders in City Hall."