College Board replacing SAT 'adversity score'

Aug 27, 2019

The College Board is replacing the so-called adversity score associated with the Scholastic Aptitude Test. It will be replaced with a tool that will no longer reduce an applicant's background to a single number.

Chief Executive David Coleman said that idea of an adversity score was a mistake. Coleman said students also will have access to their information under changes to the pilot Environmental Context Dashboard announced Tuesday.

Credit The College Board

Renamed "Landscape," the revised tool no longer produces a single number to measure obstacles posed by a student's neighborhood or high school. Instead, it will show several data points, including the urban or rural location of a school, advanced course offerings and neighborhood crime rate.

It does not change the SAT score itself. The College Board said the idea is to make it easier for college admissions officers to spot students who have excelled within their surroundings.