Collins accuses Albany insiders of political smear campaign

Buffalo, NY – Erie County Executive Chris Collins spoke publicly for the first time Thursday about the alleged comments he made to a woman a couple of a weeks ago.

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New York State Assemblyman Joseph Errigo claims he overheard Collins tell a woman she could find a seat in the crowded Assembly Chamber for the Governor's State of the State Address if she offered a lap dance.

Collins calls it a political smear campaign as he considers a possible run for Governor.

"This is political insiders in Albany...They want no part of my reform agenda. They will do everything they can to smear me personally," said Collins.

Collins calls it a mischaracterzation.

"It was a private conversation. Light hearted banter and I am not going to go any further than that," said Collins.

When asked if he plans to run for governor, Collins says he continuing to look at his options.