“Coming home” or not, World Cup will give a boost to England’s economy

Jul 11, 2018

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service … A fresh list of potential Chinese tariff targets from the U.S. this morning is sending global markets solidly lower. China says it’s “shocked” by the measures. So what’s included and when could they go into effect? Then, President Trump is at the NATO meeting in Brussels today. While he’s criticized Germany for not contributing enough to the alliance’s defense budget, the meeting has big implications for trade, too. Afterward, it’s a big night for England as its team makes a semi-final appearance in the World Cup. With fans packing into pubs and spending extra cash on jerseys, booze and meals out, there’s bound to be an economic benefit for the local economy, right? We’ll chat with an economist about what boost the British economy is likely to see. Today's podcast is sponsored by Avast (avast.com), Michigan Economic Development Corporation (planetm.michiganbusiness.org), and USPS (USPS.com/future). (07/11/2018)