Common Council seat could be filled soon

Apr 12, 2012

City lawmakers could fill Michael Kearns' former South District seat as early as Tuesday, according to Council President Richard Fontana. 

Kearns was elected to the State Assembly last month. 

And Fontana says he personally knows three of the seven applicants scheduled to appear before the full Council Monday.  

"This year it will be somewhat different. They (council candidates) won't be able to listen to each other's interviews. In the past, we had them all in the chambers at the same time," Fontana said.

"We're going to keep them in seclusion."
Majority Leader Demone Smith of the Masten District points out, the Council's appointment is temporary. 

Smith says voters get to decide in the fall.

"Our job as Council Members is to put somebody in there who will represent the people of the South District in a well-dignified manner."           

The interviews get underway in Council Chambers 9:30 Monday morning.  Fontana says they're open to the public and they'll also be taped for broadcast on the City's public access channel.  

The new member will likely receive formal training under a new rule proposed by the Ellicott District's Darius Pridgen.