Commuters have a new way to get to Toronto

Jan 7, 2019

Getting to and from Toronto is now a little easier for people living in and around Niagara Falls, Ontario.


GO Trains are now running weekdays between the GO station, near the Whirlpool Bridge, and downtown Toronto. The new service kicked off Monday morning. Spokesperson Matt Llewellyn says it's part of GO Transit's expansion plan for the Niagara Region.  

"And this actually four years ahead of schedule." Llewellyn said there was strong demand for GO Train service from local residents.   

"And offering this weekday train service earlier than originally planned is sort of proof of our committment to expand transit right into the Niagara Region," He said.  

The morning train departs Niagara Falls, Ontario just after 5 a.m. Llewellyn says the trip takes just over two hours.
"You'll make a quick stop in St. Catharines, a quick stop in Hamilton. And if you catch that train in the morning, as opposed to the bus, you actually go express after Oakville. So it's actually really nice because you only have to make a few stops sort of around the GTA and then you head right downtown into Union Station," Llewellyn said.

The evening train departs Toronto just after 5 O'clock. The cost is  about $20.00 each way.