Computer maker Bak USA expanding, with eye on schools

Mar 13, 2017

Bak USA is expanding its production facilities in downtown Buffalo to meet increasing demands for the company's computers.

Bak has taken over a second floor in its production center in the old Sheehan Hospital on Michigan Avenue and begun to build its computers in the space. Its workforce is now up to 80 people and hoping to increase to 100 next year.

Chief Marketing Officer Jason Drewniak says the target market is in schools, where the company is battling the traditional king of school computers, Apple, and the new power, Chromebooks. He says Bak has a story that appeals to schools and offers Microsoft software.

Credit Bak USA

"School districts are looking for devices that are purpose-built for their students," Drewniak says. "So it's the right size. It has the right applications. It has eight hours of battery life. It can stand up to a fourth grader's wear and tear. That's where they turn to Bak USA and our two in one laptop."

Drewniak says the company works closely with school IT administrators so all the software the school wants is installed by Bak. That means when the computers arrive at the school, they can be handed out to students ready to go.