Congratulations, it's a baby rhino

Sep 20, 2018

The Buffalo Zoo is hoping to hand out the cigars next summer, as Tashi is expecting a visit from the stork. The Zoo says it has accomplished another successful artificial insemination of its greater one-horned rhinoceros.

“It’s another historic event for the Buffalo Zoo, and we’re very hopeful Tashi will carry the pregnancy to term, said Norah Fletchall, Zoo President and CEO. "Together with our partners, we’re doing all we can to save this critically threatened species.”

The news comes after the Zoo made history in 2014 as the first organization to use artificial insemination to produce a greater one-horned rhino who survived past early infancy. That rhino, Monica, now lives at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, where she is part of a breeding program that anticipates many offspring.

If Tashi carries to term, Fletchall says she is expected to give birth in summer 2019. The announcement comes as World Rhino Day is celebrated Saturday.