Congressman, Consul Work to End Peace Bridge Authority Dispute

Jun 1, 2013

Peace Bridge
Credit WBFO

Congressman Brian Higgins and Canadian Consul General John F. Prato have weighed in on the US-Canada dispute among members of the Peace Bridge Authority.

Higgins has indicated his opposition to a state proposal to dissolve the Peace Bridge Authority, noting that some imminent projects for the bridge are being put at risk. The threat of dissolution is keeping the Authority from bidding out 142 million dollars in bonds for projects over the next month or two. One of the projects includes redecking of the bridge itself, as well as a new customs house on the U-S side to go along with a revamped U-S customs plaza.

Meanwhile, a top Canadian official met privately with members of the state delegation in Buffalo yesterday to try and work out a peaceful solution to the disagreement. The Buffalo News reports that Canadian Consul General Prato is urging both sides to end the rhetoric and start working together to find a solution.