Congresswoman Hochul initiates Medicare debate

Apr 4, 2012

Medicare was on the minds of more than a dozen seniors who sat down Tuesday with Congresswoman Kathy Hochul at the Blocher Homes on Evans Street in Williamsville. 

At least one member of the group expressed concerns  about those in congress who continually "snipe" at entitlement programs for being too costly, and that something has to be done. 

One idea calls for creation of a voucher system, where recipients would negotiate with private  insurers to get the  best price.  
"When you're getting to the point when there are health problems and issues going on, do you really want to be in a position to now negotiate the best price with your insurance company?" Hochul asked. 

"I don't think my mom and dad want to do that and I don't think  many of you want to do that, so I oppose that."

Hochul says she believes the change would fundamentally change Medicare as we know it today.