Conservative David Frum addresses Canisius College

Mar 20, 2012

Pundit and analyst David Frum told an audience at Canisius College last night Republicans have to spend less time on social issues and more on economic issues which are damaging so many Americans.

The Toronto native says there have been years of downward economic pressure on most Americans and they don't like it and want change but Republicans aren't listening.

"The way you represent Americans who are under economic pressure is by taking seriously their economic interests and there are interests that are beyond simply the price of gas."

He cites national health care whose cost is driving up employer cost and blocking pay raises.

The former speechwriter for President George W. Bush says Republicans ought to be the party which can drive health care costs down and free up money for pay raises.

Frum says the current presidential race fight over birth control is a good example of politicians not listening to the people and saying contraception is just about preventing births.

"When Republicans talk about it as if contraception is just a 'girls just wanna have fun' issue, they demean, but they also miss what is on the minds of so many women who are thinking about their reproductive lives. They want a baby. If the economy were better, they'd have a baby."

Frum says the GOP is relying too much on shrinking parts of the population and is losing support from major segments of the rest of the population.