Contentious fight over seats on the Buffalo School Board

Apr 24, 2013

Jason McCarthy, running in the north district
Credit WBFO News photo by Mike Desmond

The contentious fight over seats on the Buffalo Board of Education has descended into mud-slinging with a mysterious mailer attacking Buffalo developer Carl Paladino who's running in South Buffalo'S Park District.

The mysterious vitriolic cardboard sheet attacks Paladino with the version delivered in the north district attacking incumbent Jason McCarthy as a crony of the developer and conservative activist. The flyer states he shouldn't be elected either.

The mailer also makes a series of attacks calling Paladino a "serial pornographer" 

In response, McCarthy is blaming the Buffalo Teachers Federation and it's parent union, New York State United Teachers, because the political ad carries no name, sponsor or return address except a postal permit out of  New York City.

But BTF president Phil Rumore denies involvement in the mailer.  Rumore said his union had nothing to do with it.

McCarthy tells WBFO News caught in the cross-fire.

"What does that have to do with me? what does what Carl is doing in the park district have to do with what I'm doing in my district where I'm running a clean, independent campaign financed by friends and family," said McCarthy.

Paladino is widely considered the favorite in the race, with incumbent Lou Petrucci not seeking another term.  He has said he favors McCarthy's re-election.

Election of Paladino to the school board is likely to lead to clashes at the board table, since he has attacked current members and Schools Superintendent Pamela Brown.