Conway the Machine hosts voter registration drive on East Side

Oct 10, 2020

With his Griselda brethren Benny and Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine is on top on the Hip Hop world. His September release, From a King to a God, is charting on Billboard and has been hailed by many as a classic.

But as Election Day draws near, the East Side Buffalo native is using his influence to get people to vote through a registration drive Friday, the final day of registering. 

Standing in front of Real and Rare Smoke Shop and Apparel Friday afternoon, the emcee said the drive is just one of many ways he is giving back to the community which bred him.

“We are the people,” he said. “We’re right in the community, we’re on the frontlines. We are the culture, and we know what needs to change and we know the type of people we need in office representing us. So, it’s just important to use our platform and our voice to do that.”

County Legislator Howard Johnson was on hand for the drive and said it’s important for politicians to collaborate with famous Buffalonians to mobilize voters, especially the younger generations.

“A lot of times politicians look at these guys like they can’t be touched or as unapproachable,” he said. “But when you take the opportunity to connect with them and know them and understand what it is. They all want to do the same things, so some of their causes are the same causes we have as local elected officials.”

Conway said he plans for a winter coat and scarf drive later in the fall.