Costs mounting for extra statewide elections

Feb 22, 2016

New York State voters will be voting more often this year and paying the costs of those votes, as the calendar lines up four different statewide elections.

That count doesn't include some local elections, like the May 3 Buffalo school board elections. 

The presidential primary is set for April 19, a congressional primary will take place on June 28 and state and local primaries are on September 13.  Topping the schedule is the November 8 presidential election.

Chautauqua County Democratic Elections Norman Green says local elections officials would like to see fewer.

"The federals are the ones that kind of caused it but the state is the one that hasn't come to its common sense and, of course, the Republicans want an August primary and the Democrats want a June primary and election commissioners say: 'We really don't care, give us one primary, give us one primary,'" Green said.

Green says his county legislators recognize the costs and have given the Board of Elections extra money this year. Republican Erie County Elections Commissioner Ralph Mohr is projecting $7 million in extra costs if there are four elections.