Costs piling up from November snow

Feb 23, 2015

The bills for the November storm still aren't all in, but Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw says he has some questions.

The November snows pushed Western New Yorkers to the maximum.
Credit Cheryl Hagen/WBFO News

The comptroller isn't disclosing how much is involved and who purchased some food supplies, but he is checking, as are auditors in the Poloncarz Administration in this county executive election year.

It is taking a long time to get all of the snow cleanup bills together, but the comptroller's website says as of January 15, the bills totaled $687,000. Mychajliw says this food bill is something of an outlier since others have noticed it also.
"Someone from the administration had questioned some of the food bills and so we're going to post all of the receipts on-line as we do with all of our expenses on our Taxpayers Check Book and see why the administration did have some concerns, pertaining to some of the expenses, especially pertaining to food purchases, a lot of the purchases which happened after the storm had taken place," said Mychajliw.

Mychajliw says there has been an avalanche of bills, for everything from food to rental of that construction equipment used to open many roads and haul snow away. He says he is not clear if this will all have any impact on the request for federal reimbursement of storm costs.