Council airs more complaints over ambulance service

Sep 16, 2015

Common Council members are again blasting Rural Metro following reports of slow service in critical situations.

Complaints about Rural Metro service have been common at recent Council sessions.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

It has been a recurring theme at Council sessions, complaints about Rural Metro service, especially during the years when there was no contract for ambulance service. Now, there's a contract although Rural Metro says it isn't in effect yet.

The ambulance company is being invited to come to an October 6 Legislation Committee meeting to talk about problems.

Councilmember Joe Golombek cited a complaint he received.

"A football coach from Riverside High School called me a few weeks ago and said that one of his students, one of his players had a broken leg. It was deja vu all over again for me because I had two incidents like that with my RiverRock Little League football a couple of years ago where injured football players lay there writhing in agony for 35-40 minutes," Golombek said.

Other council members cited somewhat similar situations, including one involving two injured police officers from a collision of patrol cars where officers took their comrades to the hospital themselves because of delays.

Rural Metro says it will attend the committee meeting and explain how things work.