Council members call for daytime curfews

Nov 23, 2015

With increasing concern about street crime and school attendance, some Common Council members are once again considering daytime curfews in the City of Buffalo. 

Council member Rasheed Wyatt is reviewing the value of a daytime curfew.
Credit WBFO News File Photo

Council member Rasheed Wyatt has been pushing his curfew proposal for a while. It's not as easy as it sounds since some kids are suspended out of school and can be on the street and there is the issue of where police could take kids, once the officer figures out if there is a suspension.

The system would require agreements on police car computer access to school records and a location for students playing hookey.

"We continue to have these young people roaming the streets, getting into mischief, getting into situations they shouldn't get into when they should be in school," Wyatt said. 

"I'm truly hopeful that your resolution will get someone's attention that we want together with the school board to have our young people in school, learning, not breaking into people's homes, not just moseying the streets getting into mischief but really getting an education."

Council member Richard Fontana says he actually stopped some school-age kids on his block to see if they were supposed to be in school and was told they were suspended. He wants Council members notified so they can find out why students aren't in class.