Council says Canalside concerts won't necessarily move

Oct 28, 2015

Buffalo's Common Council has not voted to move the summer concert series to the Outer Harbor. Several council members made that point Tuesday, after receiving heavy criticism since the idea first came up two weeks ago.

Despite complaints over noise at waterfront concerts, Council members are treading lightly on the issue.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

"We have not decided to move the concert series," said Councilmember David Rivera, trying to clarify the board's suggestion the concerts be moved to ease the noise load on residents of the Marine Drive apartments.

There were meetings during the summer because of concerns about the noise, especially when the stage was turned around.

Councilmember David Franczyk started the debate because of complaints from his Marine Drive constituents.

"They love what's happening on the waterfront," Fransczyk said.

"At one time the band shell was turned away from the towers and when the band shell was turned away, there was less of a problem. And then, the promoters were saying that there was a lot of mud when they turned the band shell around and so when they turned it back with the greater power of the amplifiers, therein lies the rub."

Franczyk says residents have a right to complain about the noise despite public anger directed at them about the complaints. The Canalside concerts have become more popular than ever since moving from Lafayette Square years ago.

Council member Joseph Golombek has met with people he described as from the music industry about having a meeting or a committee meeting to talk about possible solutions at the present site.