Councilmember Wingo: 'I can't take back the decision I made' to bring gun into school

May 29, 2019

Buffalo Common Councilmember Ulysees Wingo is speaking publicly for the first time since he brought a registered loaded gun into Riverside High School.

Last week, the Erie County District Attorney's office decided not to charge Wingo for the act, although DA John Flynn admitted Wingo committed a crime.

Credit File Photo / WBFO News

"He did commit a crime here," Flynn said at the time. "He committed a crime of criminal possession of a weapon on school grounds, which is a violation of the penal law and, basically, that penal law says that it is illegal to knowingly possess a gun on school grounds without the written authorization of the school."

Speaking with media Tuesday afternoon, Wingo thanked Flynn for his "discernment" in the matter and again apologized for his decision to bring the gun into the school.

"I am so sorry, but I can't take back the decision that I made," Wingo said. "It was a mistake and because this is an ongoing investigation, I would like to be respected of the superintendent's process."

Wingo still may be sanctioned by the School District for violating policy about guns on school grounds.

The Masten District representative said he was at Riverside High for an assembly, as Chair of the Common Council's Education Committee - although he has not chaired meetings since the incident. Once remembering he was carrying, Wingo had the gun locked in the school's office safe. The school office staff may face action by the district, as well.