County legislator to appear on The Daily Show

Apr 24, 2012

A familiar face in local politics will be on national television Tuesday night. Erie County Legislator Kevin Hardwick and Canisius College political science professor will make an appearance on Comedy's Central The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Hardwick was contacted by the show's producers based on a comment he made to The Buffalo News recently on how New York's late presidential primary renders it moot in the national political picture.  He told The News, “It’s like being next in line for concert tickets when the ticket window closes.”

"They had picked up the quote online and they were building a sketch around it and they didn't want an actor, they wanted to bring me down," Hardwick told WBFO and AM 970. "It led to a dream come true. They flew me down Saturday night. We taped for about 11 hours on Sunday, all day long."

Hardwick participated in a segment based on an It's a Wonderful Life theme with Daily Show correspondents in New York City, where the lawmaker wishes the New York primary mattered more in the election process.  CNN's Soledad O'Brien also took part in the bit. 

"I play Jimmy Stewart and one of their correspondents plays Clarence and gives me my wish of having New York be important," Hardwick said.

The show airs tonight at 11 p.m. on Comedy Central.