County restores conditional release program for inmates

May 28, 2015

Erie County has restored its Local Conditional Release Program. It provides 25 non-violent prisoners in Alden Correctional Facility with early release, job training and rehabilitation in return for one year probation.

Jackie Gerald took part in the first program, which was cut ten years ago. Gerald says it helped her get a nursing degree. 

Jackie Gerald says the conditional release program helped her go back to school and earn a nursing degree.
Credit Chris Caya/WBFO News

"They're right there with you, encouraging you and showing you the right things to do and the right choices to make," Gerald said at a news conference Thursday morning.

The year-long fight to restore LCRP was led by VOICE-Buffalo. According to the group, early release makes the community safer by reducing recidivism and it saves taxpayers nearly $54,000 annually.