Cremen court appearance now rescheduled for October 14

Oct 9, 2020

The Erie County District Attorney was again unsuccessful in securing an immediate bench warrant for a Franklinville man charged in relations to a Black Lives Matter protest in August. But the new date for Michael Cremen's arraignment has been moved up to next week.

Cremen, who is charged with harassment, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon, failed to turn up for his original court date Thursday. He's accused of being the man seen in photographs wielding a knife while confronting protesters on Hertel Avenue. Accusers say he also uttered racial slurs during the August incident.

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn tried again late Thursday to obtain an immediate bench warrant, but Judge Barbara Johnson-Lee again denied the request. She did agree to reschedule Cremen's appearance, set Thursday for October 19. It will now be held Wednesday, October 14.

Prosecutors sought an immediate bench warrant during Thursday morning's court proceeding, stating the court clerk had received an email, allegedly from Cremen, stating he would refuse to appear and wear a mask in court, and that any attempts by law enforcers to approach him or his family would have consequences.