Criticism sparks cleanup of Perry Homes

Jun 7, 2018

The current head of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority says he's not sure what Congressman Brian Higgins is calling for at the Perry Homes.

BMHA Interim Executive Director Gillian Brown
Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

BMHA Interim Director Gillian Brown says HUD's Inspector General has been at the Housing Authority since January conducting an audit. Brown says they just finished their field work a few weeks ago and a report is expected in August.
"I mean, as far as Congressman Higgins' specific complaints about Perry, I personally walked the site, yesterday. I walked all around the site," Brown says. "I didn't see more than a handful of boards that were in disrepair or off windows - and they're all fixed now."

Brown says piles of illegally dumped debris have also been removed from the property.

There was no sign of debris, Thursday, on the grounds of the Perry Homes, on Perry St., Buffalo.
Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

On Tuesday, Higgins criticized the BMHA's management of the Perry Homes. However, Brown, who has been the interim leader for six weeks, says the authority is doing its best.
"At this point we're going to be redeploying assets and staff and we're going to try to attack the problems at the various developments," Brown says. "I have a lot faith in the workers here. I have a lot of faith in our residents."

The Perry Homes, less than a mile from Canalside, were vacated years ago because the BMHA lacked funding to renovate or demolish them. Brown says nothing is going to be solved by turning the site over - as Higgins wants - to a private developer.