Cuomo and Lee bring breast cancer screening message to Buffalo

Jul 9, 2016

A cross-state motorcycle ride brought Governor Andrew Cuomo to Buffalo on Friday.

He spoke of the tragic events of this past week as racial tensions brought an eruption of violence. He urged New Yorkers to remain peaceful and united against racism. He also touted the successes of the recent legislative session. Among the bills past will give New York women greater access to breast cancer exams. Sandra Lee, Cuomo's girlfriend and a breast cancer survivor, urged other states to consider similar bills.

Governor Cuomo and Sandra Lee on motorcycle
Credit WBFO News File Photo / WBFO News

"I say to all the governors across America, 'Please look at this bill. Please take the health of the women and the families in your state to heart and make sure that they can get their breast exams without any cost.'"

The bill provides for free follow-up exams for women as well.

Cuomo noted that up to 40 percent of women in need of such exams do not get them.