Cuomo looking at April, possibly sooner, for special election to fill Collins seat

Oct 2, 2019

A special election for the 27th Congressional district seat just vacated by Republican Chris Collins will eventually happen according to Gov. Cuomo. But when will it occur?

Credit Kyle Mackie / WBFO

Cuomo tells WBFO he can’t by law fill the seat in November.

“The earliest could be somewhere February/March, maybe January. But then it would be an election just for this seat,” he said.

Cuomo said while it’s his first priority to fill the seat as soon as possible, the next scheduled election after November is April 28, the date of the Democratic presidential primary.

“There’s a benefit to doing it on a scheduled election date because then you don’t have to hold a special election just for one office. You don’t have to the Board of Elections incur the cost. People don’t have to come out just for one seat,” he said.

Cuomo said it’s important to have representation for the area given looming projects like the redesign of Buffalo’s Skyway.