Cuomo nominates businessman Zemsky to be NFTA chairman

Mar 6, 2012

Governor Cuomo is moving to stabilize the NFTA by nominating four board members, replacing four members whose terms have long since expired.

The governor has nominated businessman and philanthropist Howard Zemsky to move up from a board member to chairman.  Zemsky was previously nominated to be chairman by Governor Spitzer but the nomination never came out of the Senate process.  It has been more than five years since there was a permanent authority chairman.

Cuomo has also nominated educator Bonita Durand, realtor Charles Gurney and union official Philip Wilcox.

 The nominees will be scrutinized by the State Senate's Corporations and Authorities Committee, chaired by Clarence Republican Michael Ranzenhofer

"The governor has used good judgment [and] gone through due diligence. We look forward to having Mr. Zemsky here before the Senate," said Ranzenhofer.

State Assemblyman Sean Ryan says Zemsky is a good choice. Ryan notes that Zemsky voted against proposed NFTA service cuts that were later scrapped.

"Time proved him right," Ryan added. "He's the right guy to move the NFTA forward."

Zemsky was out of town Monday and says he is reluctant to talk until the nomination is in front of the committee.