Cuomo rejects notion of legislative casino siting

Feb 7, 2013

Governor Cuomo says the state legislature should have no role in deciding where possible future casinos should be located in New York State. 

Leaders in the Senate and Assembly have broached the topic in recent days. But Cuomo, speaking today on the radio program The Capitol Pressroom, said in his experience, allowing for legislative casino siting causes problems.

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"I am going to have nothing to do with a politically-driven process. I respect the legislature. I respect their role. I also know that when the legislature has gone near siting casinos and picking operators in the past, the results were very bad and there were investigations and people got into trouble," Cuomo told host Susan Arbetter.

Cuomo called for legalizing non-Indian casinos in his State of the State message last month. But first the legislature and state voters would have to approve a constitutional amendment.

You can hear the governor's full comments Thursday at 8 p.m. on The Capitol Pressroom on WBFO.