Cuomo says no high school football games for now

Aug 25, 2020

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday that there won’t be any high school football games, wrestling matches or ice hockey contests this fall. The governor did issue new guidelines to phase in matches for other types of school sports, however.

Cuomo said sports that are considered “low risk,” including tennis, soccer, field hockey, cross country track and swimming, can resume as early as Sept. 21 and teams can compete with other schools within their own region of the state. 

But for now, he said, football, wrestling and ice hockey teams will be limited to practice meets and even those will be delayed until Oct. 19.

Cuomo said he wants to be cautious.

“The fall is a big question mark,” said Cuomo, who repeated concerns from health experts that a second wave of the virus may return when the weather cools. 

The governor issued the rules on a day when the test results from the previous day revealed a virus positivity of 0.66%. That number has been under 1% for a couple of weeks.