Cuomo says State Police will step up security at NY Planned Parenthood clinics

Nov 29, 2015

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the state police will meet with Planned Parenthood officials across New York to discuss security and emergency planning following Friday’s deadly attack on a clinic in Colorado.

Governor Andrew Cuomo
Credit WBFO News File Photo

There are 60 Planned Parenthood locations across the state, including one in Buffalo.

“Friday’s shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic was a senseless act of violence that has left us shocked and heartbroken," Cuomo said. "While we are still learning more about what led to this horrendous attack in Colorado, we are taking appropriate precautions and doing everything possible to prevent similar tragedies from taking place in our state.”

Cuomo said the State Police and his administration are working closely with Planned Parenthood staff and local law enforcement to ensure the safety of the agency's clinics throughout the state.