Cuomo signs bill expanding medical marijuana to PTSD patients

Nov 12, 2017

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation on Veterans Day to add post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of ailments that can legally be treated with medical marijuana.

Cuomo said 19,000 New Yorkers with PTSD could be helped.

"Marijuana will be legalized if a doctor authorizes and finds the condition of PTSD for a veteran," Cuomo said. "I think that can help thousands of veterans. It's something that we've been talking about for a long time and I'm glad we're taking action today."

Cuomo said other potential beneficiaries besides veterans are police officers and survivors of domestic violence, crime and accidents.

Cuomo also signed bills that will provide more days off for combat veterans employed by the state and waive the civil service examination fee for veterans who were honorably discharged.

Speaking prior to a Veterans Day parade in New York City, Cuomo said the people who serve our country need more help than they're getting.

"What we've said to the veterans is we appreciate your service and when you come back home we'll be there for you. And I don't think that promise has been fully fulfilled by this country," Cuomo said. "Hopefully that will change.