Cuomo wants to extend gun background check waiting period

Mar 19, 2018

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has proposed New York extend the background check waiting period as part of efforts to reduce gun violence.

Cuomo would like to see the state increase the background check waiting period to up to 10 days.

Credit City of Buffalo

Currently, anyone who wants to buy a handgun, shotgun or rifle in New York must undergo a background check. Among the possible outcomes is that the purchase can happen immediately; another possibility is a denial of the sale and the third outcome is a delay in the delivery of the gun.

Under current law, that delay can last only up to three days. Cuomo said his call for allowing up to a 10-day waiting period is part of his effort to make the state’s SAFE Act even stronger.

While Cuomo is likely get to get support from fellow Democrats in the legislature, majority Republicans in the state Senate may have a cooler reception to the idea.

Those lawmakers  are pushing for legislation that would do things like requiring more active shooter drills at schools, have more money for mental health experts and make it easier for retired law enforcement officers to serve as school guards.