Darwin Martin House adds education center

Sep 17, 2015

Frank Lloyd Wright’s North Buffalo masterpiece has been used as an education site for thousands of visitors over the past decade. Now, the Darwin Martin House has a new Education Center in the restored basement.

“It’s really a big deal,” says education director Gina Neureuther. “We’ve been a tour-based historic site,” she says, “but now we have a place that the kids can call their own and create their own learning projects.”

One student's art project was inspired by Wright's love of geometric patterns and stained glass windows.
Credit Kadimah School of Buffalo

The Learning Center was funded by $515,000 in grants from the Decorators’ Show House of the Junior League of Buffalo and the Buffalo News.

Even before the new space opens, the House has a long record of working with schools and civic groups in many fields, including art, architecture, science and engineering.

Kadimah School of Buffalo is among the schools that have developed a close partnership with the Darwin Martin House. Here is a glimpse of how they worked together.