Day care centers seeking streamlined payment system

Aug 3, 2015

Day care centers across Erie County are suggesting they should be paid through direct deposit into bank accounts instead of checks mailed out which then have to be taken to the bank to be deposited.

Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

It's before a County Legislature committee and Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw is looking into the proposal.

"Could you consider the direct deposit concept?" asked legislator Barbara Miller-Williams.

"I think that would not only be beneficial for the day center providers but it would also be beneficial for Erie County. It would be more efficient. We would know that at a certain date and time those funds are going to be made available to them. And, they won't be calling."

The operators say the checks can take time to wind through the process and the mail. Checks to home care centers which are much smaller and mostly run out of private homes get their checks faster. This is all a little complicated because Albany rather than the Rath Building controls day cares.