Debate continues over Buffalo School Superintendent

May 4, 2015

Members  of the Buffalo School Board's majority haven't given up on Emerson Principal James Weimer taking the superintendent's position. Meanwhile, the board's minority faction is still pushing for a wider search for a superintendent, possibly even a long-term national hunt. 

Buffalo School Board majority Members Larry Quinn & Jay McCarthy.
Credit WBFO News file photo

Weimer decided against accepting the job last week, following a raucous board meeting on Wednesday.

Board Member Barbara Seals-Nevergold said the two sides have to compromise to improve city schools.

"I won't say that there is nobody out there," Seals-Nevergold said, "but I do think we have to demonstrate as a board that we're willing to provide some stability for anyone coming into this district and that they can't be hamstrung by a board that is fighting with each other, that's indecisive or that's unfair."

Majority School Board Member Larry Quinn said there's no need to go outside since there are other high-quality candidates within the district.