DEC reports record-breaking salmon fishing in Lake Ontario

Sep 10, 2018

People are catching record-breaking salmon in Lake Ontario this year. A report from the Department of Environmental Conservation says veteran anglers are reporting some of the best fishing in decades.

Steve LePan is a section head with the DEC for Great Lakes Fisheries.

"It's not just chinook salmon. There are a number of salmon species in the lake that we stock, and so fishing overall for all trout and salmon is also at a record-high level."

LePan credits favorable conditions for the high catch rates.

"Conditions in New York state in particular this year have been favorable. We've had steady winds and water temperatures have set up well, and it's made the fish, I guess, more predictable in terms of where they could find them."

LePan says he also credits successful stocking and reproduction, as well as talented anglers, for the good season.