Demand for registered nurses is on the rise

Mar 28, 2016

There's an increasing interest in registered nursing. Daemen College in Amherst is reporting waiting lists to get into its program.

Daemen College on Main Street, Amherst, NY.
Credit WBFO News file photo

Right now, the Amherst college has 500 undergraduate and graduate nursing students. There are so many students the college has added three teachers in the last two years for the nursing program. Nursing Chair Cheryl Nosek said the college works with Erie Community College and Genesee Community College so students can get their training.
"They go two-years to the partner school. They get an associate degree in nursing,"  Nosek explained.

"When they graduate from the partner school in year three, they are eligible to sit for the nursing boards, so they can work as an RN, as long as they pass their exam, they can work as an RN after year three. They come back to Daemen for year four and they finish up the bachelor's degree in nursing."

Nosek said the key to this interest is that there are jobs out there as older nurses retire or move into other branches of health care. She says the student classes are different, with more men, refugees and people returning to school for a new career.