Democratic Party leaders tussle as Election Day nears

Oct 8, 2013

As Election Day approaches, local Democratic Party officials continue to offer a fractured front, says Buffalo News Political Reporter Bob McCarthy.

In his weekly political discussion with WBFO News, McCarthy says Erie County Democratic Party Chair Jeremy Zellner finds himself at the center of controversy. The campaign for Richard Dobson, the Democratic candidate for Erie County Sheriff, is calling uponĀ  Zellner to resign. They claim Zellner is not appropriately supporting the Dobson campaign in order to protect his standingĀ  as chief of staff of the Erie County Legislature.

McCarthy says the controversy shows that many longtime feuds continue inside the county party.

Also, Republican Buffalo Mayoral candidate Sergio Rodriguez continues his grassroots effort to unseat incumbent Byron Brown. But McCarthy notes the Rodriguez campaign is short on money. The campaign's most recent filing showed a treasury with less than $1,000.