Despite Problem Solvers agreement, Reed won’t back Pelosi

Dec 4, 2018

A bi-partisan group known as the Problem Solvers Caucus reached an agreement last week with likely House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Southern Tier Rep. Tom Reed co-chairs the caucus, but he and other Republican members were not part of those talks. So Reed says he is not willing to vote for Pelosi, unless she agrees to further rules changes.

Credit Celia Clarke / WSKG News

After the midterm elections, Reed hinted at a willingness to support Pelosi, if she agreed to House rules changes wanted by the caucus. The changes would make it easier for bills to undergo a floor vote.

Pelosi has said she neither needs nor wants GOP support in her run for House Speaker.

Still, reporter Mike DeBonis, who covers the U.S. Congress for the Washington Post, says it’s a major accomplishment for the caucus, which as been criticized for being ineffective.