Developer of former Westwood Country Club marches on toward 'workable solution'

Dec 12, 2017

The developer of the former Westwood Country Club in Amherst says Monday night's adoption of a Final Environmental Impact Statement by the town is disappointing, but ultimately will have little impact on its re-zoning application.

Mensch Capital Partners has been working to re-develop the former golf course since 2012. The developer wants to build housing for 1,700, including senior housing and townhouses, with retail and commercial space and parkland at a cost of $238 million.

However, there has been significant opposition and the project has been tied up in procedure. Outgoing Supervisor Barry Weinstein, for example, wants Mensch's plans downsized.

Now Mensch says, in January, it is going to seek input and feedback from the new Town Board to create a new Master Plan for Westwood. Mensch plans to amend its re-zoning application based on this new Master Plan, which will require a new environmental impact statement by the town.

Mensch says it remains committed to workable solution.

Credit Mensch Capital Partners