Development plans reviewed for Fillmore Gates site

Sep 25, 2013

It's back to studying proposals for Kaleida Health as three developers have come forward with new plans for the closed Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital.

Kaleida Health continues to search for a plan to develop the former site of Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital.

After the hospital closed last year, Kaleida went through a re-use process and chose Chason Affinity to turn the former hospital into a veterinary medical school, a plan that failed.

Uniland lost out with its plan for retail, residential and hotel space but is back again this time, along with two other unidentified firms.

Spokesman Mike Hughes says Kaleida wants a new user by the end of the year. Hughes says it's expensive having the old hospital sitting there.
"There's security on the premises. We do have some operations out of there from our plant operations side. We have a carpentry and studio there. So, we do have some small operations there so it's functioning. It's lit and it's maintained 24/7 and something that we have worked hard at to stay a good neighbor," Hughes told WBFO News.

Women and Children's Hospital is also moving to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. With that development still three years away, Hughes doesn't see it interfering with new uses for Millard Gates.