DeWitt at RNC: Hopes high for Trump speech

Jul 21, 2016

With expectations building in advance of Donald Trump's address tonight at the Republican National Convention, WBFO Correspondent Karen DeWitt has been mining opinions from the New York delegation. While some hope for more of the of the showmanship that has carried Trump to this stage others want the Republican nominee to appear more Presidential.

Supporters of Donald Trump are hoping their candidate can repeat the success of his recent Buffalo appearance when he addresses the Republican Convention tonight.
Credit WBFO file photo

According to DeWitt, Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino, a Trump confidante, wants the candidate to continue to ignore the "political correctness" that he often criticizes in most politicians. For Paladino, that type of dialogue will carry Trump to the White House and provide the Nation with a "position of strength" on the world stage.

State Republican Chair Ed Cox offered a more nuanced perspective. He told DeWitt that Trump needs to "appear more statesman-like." The convention hall crowd would likely respond lustily to more of the attacking style that has made Trump a sensation at campaign rallies. However, Cox points out that tonight's speech will reach a wider audience, one that Trump needs to court if he is to expand his base and gather the additional votes needed to win the Presidency.