Disturbing findings revealed in report on the Niagara County SPCA

Jan 27, 2012

Some very disturbing and stunning findings were revealed in a report released Friday morning on the Niagara County SPCA and its care of animals.

The leader of the the SPCA of Erie County issued her report on the investigation into the Niagara County SPCA. 

The 116 page report revealed some startling information on the death of cats and dogs at the Niagara County facility that has been under fire over the last couple of months involving allegations of a high rate of euthanizations.  

 "It was clear from the interviews that healthy animals were put to sleep because there wasn't space and they didn't really want to address the fact that there were more animals then there were homes or space for," said Barbara Carr, executive director of the SPCA of Erie County. "According to the interviews we did with those who are euthanizing animals...both said they euthanized healthy animals. They said mostly cats and mostly in the summer."

Carr was so disturbed by the findings that during a news conference Friday morning she began to tear up as she revealed the information to reporters.  

Carrs report stated she discovered 473 cats and 100 dogs were euthanized, some in a span of just three months.

The report also stated that Niagara County SPCA leader John Faso "showed little interest in caring for animals."

 "It's certainly not what any of us want to see and Niagara County residents have a right to expect an excellent humane organization," Carr said.
Attorney Paul Cambria has been hired by the Niagara County SPCA. Cambria appeared at Friday's news briefing.  He said the they concur with Carr's recommendations issued in the report.  The report said the board of directors of the Niagara County SPCA are dysfunctional.  

"We made it clear to the board we were going to call it and advise it the way we see it," said Cambria.