DL&W plans could fall victim to federal cuts

Jun 1, 2017

Re-use of the second floor of the old DL&W train terminal at the foot of Main Street could be delayed for a long time under budget plans from President Trump to slash transportation projects spending.

Planners see great potential in the available space at the DL&W Terminal in downtown Buffalo.
Credit Mike Desmond/WBFO News

"This is a project that is ready to go. This is 12 to 24 months from construction but for, but for an unclear commitment from the federal government," said Congressman Brian Higgins, who stood by the site as he shared his concerns with local media.

The project is looking for $40 million in a federal TIGER grant. The state has already set aside $20 million.


The actual passenger station has been gone since the 70s and the first floor of the century-old building was converted to the yards and shops for Metro Rail. There is 80,000 square feet of space on the second floor has been the subject of development discussion for decades.

Higgins says projects like this, Canalside or Ohio Street development need federal dollars to get the project started before private dollars roll in. Higgins then took aim at the confused priorities that are emerging from the White House, specifically,  the $1.6 billion that has been set aside "to build a wall on the Southern border that the president told us as a candidate that Mexico is going to pay for it."

"If Mexico is going to pay for it, you don't need any money for the wall. We need money right here in Buffalo and Western New York."