Dobson leading Dunn in close Sheriff primary

Sep 11, 2013

In a low-turnout primary election, retired Erie County Sheriff's Lieutenant Richard Dobson is about 600 votes ahead of Sheriff's Lieutenant Bert Dunn, the endorsed Democratic candidate. But Dunn is not conceding.

Dunn said he wants to see the count from absentee ballots and any other votes not counted on Primary Day. He said he won't be actively campaigning until the results are in and the canvass is completed on the voting machines.

Bert Dunn
Credit WBFO News photo by Mike Desmond

"I liked to see where it ends up when the absentee ballots come back,' said Dunn. "At this point, I think that it's probably the best interest to wait and see what happens."

Dobson says he has held every office in the department except Sheriff.
"I love the Erie County Sheriff's Department. I love being a public servant. I love being a police officer. It's who I am. It's what defines me."

Richard Dobson
Credit WBFO News photo by Mike Desmond

Since Dobson retired, he has traveled the world, including a stint as a cop in East Timor.

"This is a tremendous upset," Dobson proclaimed. "We fought a hard battle from Day One. We've come a long way."

The winner of the race will face off against two-term incumbent Sheriff Tim Howard.