DOT going back to the drawing board on Scajaquada redesign

Apr 22, 2014

The original construction of the Scajaquada Expressway was a mistake and the latest proposal for changing it is also a mistake, according to Assemblyman Sean Ryan.

Ryan says the state Department of Transportation is going to reevaluate and look at a 30 mile-per-hour city street as a replacement for the current four-lane highway. The DOT’s latest plans called for a 40 mph speed limit, with two lanes going in each direction.

Advocates of change say a busy highway should have never been built through Delaware Park.
Credit Mike Desmond/WBFO News

After releasing a proposal for what to do with the aging roadway, Ryan protested to the agency, claiming it hadn't studied simply making it a city street with pedestrian access, a bikeway, and the lower speed limit.

Flanked by the heavy traffic on the expressway, Ryan on Tuesday said there will be a new proposal next month on a street instead of a highway. He says everyone agrees something must be done.

"We never should have built a three-mile long expressway through Buffalo's most famous park. We're all interested in remediating that mistake. The question is, how far are we going to go to fix it?," Ryan said.

Expressway opponents at the news conference said the road should have fewer lanes, pedestrian and bicycle access, and less truck traffic.

Ryan says the DOT will hold another public hearing to hear more public comment.