Dunkirk Dave predicts early spring

Feb 2, 2019

If you believe our local burrow-based prognosticator, we will be enjoying spring weather early this year.

Today is Groundhog Day, and Dunkirk Dave emerged from his den and did not see his shadow. Dunkirk Dave is just one groundhog from around the country that is used to guage the timing of warmer weather. It is possible that one of the other critters did see his shadow. So, who to believe? Bob Will, Dunkirk Dave's handler, contends that the way that Dave is allowed to make his prediction lends to his accuracy.

Dunkirk Dave
Credit dunkirkdave.com / WBFO

"We don't hold it or in any way try to manipulate the groundhog or scare it or handle it in any way that's going to make a difference in how it is going to predict. So, we like to think our groundhog is going to give the most accurate reading of all."

Will stated that Dunkirk Dave is 93 percent accurate.

A small crowd of around 30 people gathered to witness Dave and his search for his shadow. The lack of a frenzy around the groundhog is also what Will believes makes Dunkirk Dave more accurate than counterparts like Punxsutawney Phil.