ECC adds Microbrew program

Feb 18, 2015

Erie Community College will be offering a certificate program this fall for students interested in the growing microbrew industry. 

ECC Professor Don Spasiano says the Brewing Science and Service curriculum is aimed at providing students skills to find jobs in craft beer sales, marketing or even microbreweries.

ECC is working with local microbreweries to offer a Microbrew program.
Credit Courtesy of Flying Bison Facebook Page

"Our market is really from the employment standpoint, not only are microbrewers looking for individuals but so are consumer beverages for example, brew pubs... even an individual that's a server... as much knowledge as an individual can have with the products they're  serving the better it's going to be for them."

Spasiano says students will be offered classes like "Intro to Brewing," "Filtration and Finishing" and "Brewing Microbiology."

"I really think that the course is going to give them an idea of what it's like to produce any type of beer, whether it be a pilsner, a lager, an ale, whatever it might be... it's going to be a general knowledge of the industry as a whole."

Spasiano says the one-year, 31-credit curriculum includes an internship with a local Microbrewery.  He notes the program was designed with input from area microbreweries.