ECMC staff deals with shooting aftermath

Jun 14, 2012

The professionals at Erie County Medical Center are no strangers to tragedy.  As the region's trauma center, the doctors, nurses, and staff are accustomed to dealing with some of the most horrific cases. 

Now, the facility is working  just as hard to "heal its own" in the wake of yesterday's fatal shooting.

When trauma occurs in the midst of a workplace, it can leave scars that often take years to disappear.

That's why yesterday, in the hours after 33-year-old Jackie Wisniewski was struck down by gunfire, staff moved quickly.

"It's a very difficult day for our employees," said ECMC President and CEO Jody Lomeo.  

"My concern right now is for the employees and the patients and the family of the victim. The mood in the hospital is what you'd expect.  It's very somber and very sad."  

Lomeo said a full-scale internal investigation is being launched into  what happened, why it happened, and to see if extra security measures can be employed so that it never again happens.

"I've personally met with a number of employees.  We're here to support them.  Our concern is really to help the employees get through this."